2006 Convention

2006 San Francisco, CA Convention

Mission Statement





“We the members of Christ the King College (C.K.C.) Onitsha, Alumni Association in America (CKC-AAA), meeting at our 10th Annual Convention in San Francisco, CA on 28-30 July 2006, remain mindful that  our resolve to revitalize our alma mater will not materialize without our collective obligation and duty to bring about that reality.  We uphold the obligation of duty and the greatness of gratitude as some of the most ennobling attributes imbued on us at C.K.C. Onitsha. We subscribe to and reaffirm the conventional wisdom, which states that on the day a village collects development contributions, those who have money would be expected to donate their money, while those who do not have money should at least donate their time, talent and might. We recognize that a load shared is a burden halved, and pray that we may never falter in our obligation, duty and gratitude to our Alma Mater.”  


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