Hurray To Atlanta 2008

By Oseloka Obaze


For CKC-AAA, every year brings forth an added impetus to our ideals and mission. On reflection, the 2008 Convention in Atlanta proved to be exceptionally so. Hurray to the Atlanta LOC for the big show and a job well done against all odds. Congrats folks and kudos to the LOC bunch – Messrs Ejike, Ehirim, Ozoh, Azih, Okafor, Ozobia, Anaeki, et al. You made CKC Onitsha 75th Anniversary worth our while!


Furthermore, we reached a new threshold in alumni participation and attendance of an annual convention; 47 in all.  The "Bring a Friend" concept paid off handsomely. In addition, the presence of H.E. Gov. Peter Obi and Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili and Consul-General Chudi Okafor graced our event all the more.  As an old friend from Government College Umuahia asked me: “After pulling in two high value speakers for a single event, what will you folks do to top it?”  Well, Chicago 2009 will provide the answer.


Before the flourish, let me dispense with the substantive stuff.  Both Ms. Ezekwesili and Gov. Peter Obi spoke from the heart and indeed, spoke power to the truth and to the mission of CKC-AAA.  Both spoke about character, integrity and of course, about pride and ownership. In essence, they charged us, not just to think of the CKC structures alone, but also of the mindset that will help us change Nigeria by changing the CKC and returning it to its old glory. (See their addresses on the web).


And talking about new thresholds, I am glad democracy works. When Eugene Agbimson floated the idea of Friday night reception, some of us balked.  I know I did.  After much debate, we gave in. And boy, am I glad that we did?   The reception added a new and unknown dimension and gravitas to the convention. Thanks Agbimson for the Friday night gig; thanks for your stubborn persistence. The wives got their recompense for the dearth of dancing in Boston in 2007.  The reception was awesome! It added to the conviviality and overall convention ambience. Larry did the James Brown boogaloo and we all did the Top 21 Jump, when Wrinkar Experience rented the air with nostalgic Fuel For Love. We also discovered Emma Onua’s hidden talent and dexterity as a DJ.  Well, Chicago, take note.


Efficient time management is the essence of productivity.  This year’s convention was productive. Despite staying up late, most of us made the convention mass at 9.00 a.m.  It was nice that family members –wives, kids and moms -- came along.  Morning mass has always been a CKC thing, and it felt well and good to pray and sing together like old times. We thank Fr. John Paul Ezeonyido, for his embalming and soothing homily.  His anecdotes will stay with us.  Thanks JP! [More]

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